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Currently, I am employed as a commuter programmer. Which is to say, I go into the office every day rather than telecommuting – mainly because I like to keep home and work as separate entities. So every day, I catch the train. Well, two trains actually due to a quirk of the Sydney timetable.

Sydney’s train service tends to get bagged. It’s not that bad. Trains quite often arrive on time and there is usually room for you to squash in somewhere. My second train goes against the main commuter flow so I tend to get a seat on that one. Luxury compared to say, India or London.

Some days, however, it all goes bad at once. Let me count the ways.

1. Some dork with his walkman turned up to literally deafening levels sits next to you. The irritating sound of marching ants fills your ears

2. In front of you, two women are discussing their lack of sex life at the top of their voices. You learn more than you ever wanted to know about erectile disfunction

3. Some bastard, may he burn in hell, has stuck chewing gum on the seat in front and it is now stuck to your knee

4. Behind you, some man with a nose full of snot and no handkerchief snorts the stuff back up his nose sickeningly. Moreover he waits until you think he might just have stopped before doing it again

5. We won’t even talk about the smells made by the blind man’s guide dog

I begin to understand #1. Even if it doesn’t cope with #3 and #5 it must help. The trouble is, I prefer life without a soundtrack.

At least I don’t have to catch a bus.

Buses! Don’t get me started…

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