Version 0.1 complete

The first, really rough draft of my new novel has completed. Working title The Unfortunate Deaths of Jonathan Wild.

Jonathan Wild was a real historical character who lived in the early 18th century in London. He was the Professor Moriarty of his time, controlling nearly all crime in the city. He also ran a profitable thief-taking business and ran a “lost property” office for the recovery of stolen goods.

Justice, or at least the law, caught up with him eventually and he was hanged in 1725.

This book covers the years 1721 to 1725 and consists of the memoirs of a certain Pascal Bonenfant who worked for Wild during this period.

But crime is not the only theme. Beneath the hideous surface of 18th century London is an even more hideous depth. An evil priest is utilising forbidden knowledge in a bid to further his insane ends. The ghastly climax results, among other disasters, in the unfortunate deaths of Jonathan Wild.

I’ll keep you posted on version 0.2.

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