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There are people who complain about train travel. I have done so myself. Yesterday I discovered I owe the trains an apology.We had been up to Gosford to visit my parents. On the way back we suddenly found ourselves in a traffic jam. After inching forwards for about half an hour we finally came to a full stop. Reports indicated that two semi-trailers had been doing the funky gibbon about 10km ahead and there was going to be a delay of two to four hours.

I can recommend not having a five-year-old in the car when this happens. Robert is a great kid and he survived for a while playing with the laptop but he eventually spat the dummy. I had sympathy. I would have liked to spat it myself.

We were seriously considering that Robert and I make a 5km walk to the nearest railway station while Pamela waited to bring the car home. I thought this was going to be a bad idea because Robert would not be in a good state by the end of it. Probably I would have to carry him part of the way. This did not appeal.

Nevertheless we were just about to make the trek when fortunately some traffic police came past and warned us all that the road had been cleared and we would shortly be on our way. Pass the lord and praise the ammunition.

It then cleared fairly quickly. Probably we hadn’t lost more than one and a half hours.

But it wouldn’t have happened on the train.

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