Know when to hold ’em

My father-in-law was recently given a set of excellent quality poker chips. I was invited last night for a game of Texas Hold ’em  (however you spell it) – a version of poker which seems to be immensely popular but not one with which I am familar. It was draw poker back when I was a stripling. However, the Texas thingie is not too dissimilar to seven-card stud.

Along with my father-in-law was one of his grandchildren and a friend of same. Fortunately, we weren’t playing for money because said grandchild took us all to the cleaners. I found it tricky to adjust to the odds being different every time due to the five shared cards. By the end of the night I was starting to get the hang of it. It was a pity I ran out of chips.

Looks like we might be having a few more of these nights. There is talk of bringing in another of the grandkids who is allegedly a real gun player.  Could be more embarassment for our hero.

Perhaps I should also learn to fold ’em. Nah, I don’t think so. No bunch of whippersnappers is going to beat an old games player like me. Not forever. Well, hardly ever.

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