Perhaps not the toaster

As of two days ago I have been in my current place of employment for five years. A frightening thought – I’ve only been in one other job where I lasted as long and I was getting pretty bored there too.

Anyway, the company has fairly recently implemented a rewards system where you get points for saving the company large amounts of money, losing the company large amounts of money and, in my case, just hanging around. I checked out what points would and would not buy.

On the can’t possibly afford it by a factor of fifteen front there is a forty minute ride in a jet fighter. This sounds really cool. If I hang around until I’m 108 I may be able to afford it although by that stage my heart might not be up to it. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be a bad way to go.

At the other end of the scale is a toaster (really), a dog bowl (I’m not joking) and a ‘Babu’ woolen baby blanket (too late).

In the tempting category of what I can afford is gliding (something I’ve always wanted to do) and a ride in a Centurion tank (is that cool, or what?). For about the same price I could also have an Australian Cheese Tasting Experience. Of course, I could get that from the Haberfield deli.

Then there is the Flying Trapeze Circus Skills Workshop for Two. Cool but scary. The Harley Davidson tour of Sydney (a bit pseud). Horseriding, Parasailing, Abseiling.

Decisions, decisions. What I don’t understand is, how could anyone possibly choose the toaster?

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