Moving Experience

We moved into new offices this week. I no longer have to travel to Chatswood – I now work in North Sydney which is closer. This is both a good and bad thing.

It is a good thing because it cuts down my commuting time. It is a bad thing because I lose the most relaxing bit when the carriages are nearly empty. I used to get some writing done in this period. I’ll have to find another time to make that up.

The new office is up on the seventeenth floor. The view is west towards the Blue Mountains which can be seen dimly in the distance and the Parramatta River which can be seen to one side. The view would be better if it wasn’t for the big concrete air-conditioning/lift shaft thingie on the building directly in front on the window. Can’t have everything, I guess.

Actually, that’s not quite true. This building has over thirty storeys. The ‘salt’ is on the twenty-first floor. We are below the salt. Above the salt are a large number of people in suits. These people command uninterrupted views in all directions. Of course, we are better off than the scum on the eleventh floor. Their view is completely obscured.

The cubicles here are economy class compared to the business class cubicles we had in Chatswood. Apart from the colour (primeval slime green rather than royal blue) they are smaller and do not have a high wall on one side so they are more cramped but less private. The sound also carries rather more.

Still, it is only until September next year, at which point we will be moving to the new company campus at North Ryde. Commuting to North Ryde really sucks. It will be marginally better the following year when the new Chatswood to Eastwood line opens but that involves three trains from Ashfield which is undesirable.

Not that I intend to worry too much about it yet. An awful lot can happen in nine months. Robert was conceived and born in that time and that changed our lives completely.

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