That was the year that was

New Year’s day, 2007. Here we are again. Let’s review my predictions from last year.

1. Pamela gets her DCA
– DCA has been confirmed – actual ceremony not until this year.
2. Pamela gets her fantasy novel published
– Contract has been signed (for three books). Book one comes out in September this year
3. Stephen finishes writing his book (I did get 30,000 words written last year – need to double that this year)
– First major draft (actual 3rd draft) finished (95,000 words)
4. Robert swims 50 metres
– Not yet. Wouldn’t surprise me if he can do so by the end of summer.
5. Robert is reading real books
– Rather an imprecise definition here. Robert is certainly reading well, including stuff which he hasn’t seen before.

On the whole, not a bad effort at prognostication. Take that, Nostradamus.

The above tells you a lot about what has happened this year. What else?

Well, I moved my website from Optusnet to my own domain (this one) and updated the style. I started this blog. Blogs are good for ephemera but somehow the more important stuff still feels like it deserves its own pages so I’ll keep the rest of the site going.

Given that I have a full time job and a full time child, most of my alleged spare time has been taken up with writing. So far, I have managed to do some writing on the train to work but my office has just moved making the trip much shorter. This is good in terms of saving me about half an hour of travel each day but I am losing much of that writing time. We’ll see. At the moment I’m doing detailed revision which requires accessing reference books and/or websites all the time so I can’t do much when travelling anyway.

Pamela similarly has been tied up with her DCA so she hasn’t had a lot of time either. This will not improve much this year as she has to produce another 130,000 words for volume 2 of the trilogy. However, Robert is going to big school this year so she will have five days a week for writing rather than three. She won the 2006 Premier’s history award for children’s writing for the previous year’s work – The Black Dress which tells the story of Mary McKillop’s early years.

We are all a little stressed what with one thing and another. We have had a couple of week holidays but in both cases we have been sick so we haven’t had much rest. We are going away for a couple of weeks shortly. Hopefully we will actually get a proper holiday this time.

Robert has had a big year. He had his second year of pre-school, his fifth birthday and he started playing soccer – it has been good for him to play in a team game. He has been doing gym and swimming. It’s a wonder he has any energy left, let alone the amount he does have.

Prognostication time. The crystal ball is a little cloudier this year.

There are some gimme’s.

1. Pamela will be awarded her DCA, her novel will get published
2. Robert will start kindergarden and will play soccer
3. Pamela will write volume 2 of the trilogy (not quite a gimme but she has a contract and she is a pro – it’ll get done)

After that it gets trickier.

1. We may be going overseas (US/England) later in the year. It depends a bit on whether I can get leave from work.
2. I will get a publisher for my novel (well, why not – other people can)
3. Stuff will happen with our extended families (a fuzzy prediction)

See, it’s hard to say. We’ll revisit it next year.

In the mean time, Happy New Year and may it be a good one.

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