A comet we can see

Comet McNaught has arrived in the southern skies. It is brilliant – just like a comet should look, a hairy star with a long tail.

NASA image by Robert McNaught

Note: this image is on the NASA site and is copyright Robert H. McNaught

After the disappointment of Halley’s Comet (is that a distant speck I see on the horizon before me?) and the unlikelihood of my seeing it next time (I would be 106) it is good to see a ‘proper’ comet.

We were up the central coast near Forster when it appeared. Away from the city lights it looked spectacular.

This fulfills the second of my astronomical phenomena ambitions. The first was a full lunar eclipse (which I have seen); the third is a full solar eclipse (which I have not); and the fourth is the aurora (borealis or australis, I don’t care) which I am counting as astronomical and is not that hard to arrange but I haven’t done it yet. A fifth would be to see the earth from space but I am probably too old and/or not rich enough for this to ever happen although you never know your luck.

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