Nice one, Myrtle

I can now reveal the end of the Myrtle the Turtle saga (you may care to read the previous post first). Pamela believes it is a female turtle so Myrtle is a ‘she’ from now on.

Pamela had a lot to do during the day so we left Myrtle in the bath. When Pamela got back, Myrtle was looking pretty miserable (to the extent that a turtle has any expression at all) and hadn’t touched the food we offered. Pamela rang me at work and we decided she would take Myrtle to the vet who had offered to find her somewhere to live.

I had just arrived at Ashfield station when my mobile (the number we had put on the lost turtle notices) rang and it was the turtle’s owner. Turned out it was the people next door. By this stage, however, Myrtle was at the vet.

Our neighbours are Koori people and had just returned from a visit to their ancestral lands up near the Queensland border. They are allowed to hunt for their traditional food and – you guessed it – turtle was on the menu. Myrtle was destined to be bush tucker.

The enterprising Myrtle had legged it out of the car boot and was making a determined effort to escape when we picked her up. As a wild turtle it’s not surprising she wasn’t happy in the fish tank or the bath.

Our neighbours decided not to bother to fetch Myrtle back – they already had another turtle ready for dinner. So Myrtle, through courage, luck and seizing her opportunities with both webbed feet, lives to swim another day.

Nice one, Myrtle.

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