Rats and Fairies

It was a busy night in the Hart household last night. As I mentioned in the Myrtle story we have had a lurking rat. We called in the men from Rentokill who put down bait and we laid some traps. The score so far: Rat 1 Household 0.

The special humane tunnel traps we got turned out to be a bit small. OK for mice but not very useful for old Rattus. This particular rodent also seems to be a fussy eater since the bait has gone untouched.

Two nights ago I spotted a tail disappearing into a previously unnoticed hole under the kitchen cupboards. The hole was cunningly concealed in the horizontal board underneath the doors so it’s not surprising we missed it previously. I blocked said hole which seemed to work. But last night Rattus must have found another hole. I suspect it is behind the fridge which we’ll have to move out and check.

Anyway, Rattus found his way up to the front of the house as a little shriek from Pamela told me. I chased him down the back and saw him disappearing under the door which divides the house front to back. There is a gap of about an inch. As a temporary measure I blocked the bottom of the door with a towel. This kept him out of the front for the night.

This morning, we found a lot of chewed bits of towel in the back room. He hadn’t actually got through but it wasn’t for want of trying. Chucked towel in bin. Memo to self: cloth is not a good way of keeping rats out.

We have a friend coming to stay in a couple of days. We would not like friend to have to deal with peripatetic rodent so it is time for drastic measures. To hell with the humane traps, Pamela is going out today to buy some of the old vicious spring traps. Tried but true. If that fails I could always soak a towel in rat poison and watch the little bastard try and gnaw his way through that. He can run and he can hide but we’ll get him in the end.

On a lighter note, we also had a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Robert has started to lose his baby teeth – the two front ones fell out yesterday. We put them under his pillow and the Tooth Fairy duly swapped them for coins. The current going rate seems to be a dollar a tooth although I am reliably informed that back teeth are worth double.

Robert then asked the classic question: what does the Tooth Fairy do with all those teeth? My theory is that there is a tooth mountain somewhere. Pamela thinks they might be re-used in the building of coral reefs. Robert isn’t too convinced by either explanation.

Still the Tooth Fairy is a far more welcome visitor than old Rattus. Which is a good thing because you can’t buy Fairy traps anywhere and a towel under the door is pretty much guaranteed not to work. I wonder when she’ll come back?

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