Roll out the Piano

It had to happen someday. Today I scored my half century (waves bat in the air). There is a certain Rip Van Winkle feel about it. One morning you wake up and you are fifty years old. How on earth did that happen?

On the other hand, I got a couple of really good presents. I have a good friend Danny who moved to Queensland and I don’t see him very often these days. Pamela arranged secretly for him to come down to Sydney. On Saturday, there he was. It’s been really good to see him again.On Saturday night we had a dinner with some more old friends which was also great.

Pamela also got me another really, really cool present – a roll-up piano. (The girl is an optional extra which we decided we didn’t need). You can learn all about roller pianos from the play-anywhere piano people.


In this world of digital miracles, it is effectively a non-programmable synthesizer with 100 different voices and 100 different rhythm patterns. When you plug it into external speakers it sounds fabulous. The touch is a little odd but I am getting used to it very quickly.

I have taken it to work today. It scores very high on the nerd gadget stakes. Kudos.

Adjusting to being fifty may take a little time but, hey, I coped with being forty. Sixty may be tricky but I don’t have to worry about that one for another ten years. I think I’ll have to celebrate some other anniversary before then. Perhaps fifty, base 11. Perhaps 20,000 days. So many choices, so little time.

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