Just not Cricket

Well, possibly the most boring cricket world cup ever is finally over. And I’m not referring to the interminable number of matches in the early rounds or strange umpiring decisions like the one that required the last three overs of the final to be played in near darkness.

What bored me, and I say this as a fan of Australian cricket, was that the only possible interesting question was “who would Australia beat in the finals?” South Africa, England and New Zealand all put their hands up. Tell them they’re dreaming. In the end it was Sri Lanka who made the finals. They did brilliantly to be only beaten by 53 runs.

I loved the last Ashes test in England where the English team managed to regain the sacred urn. This was not because I wanted to see Australia beaten (although I think it did the team a lot of good) but because it went right down to the wire. No one knew who was going to win. Real edge of the seat, hurling objects around the room in disappointment, cheering with excitement, stuff.

Contrast this with the world cup. Australia won their first game handily; and the next one; and the next one; and the next one… wake me up when it’s over someone. None of the games were even close. Couldn’t we have given away a few boundaries just to make it more interesting? Give Adam Gilchrist a bowl? Get Glenn McGrath to open the batting? Play with only ten men? Something.

It may be satisfying to the players to clobber everyone in sight. For me it is as boring as bat droppings. I tell you, it’s just not cricket.

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