Blood Ties

Pamela’s new book, Blood Ties has hit the book shops.Blood Ties represents Pamela’s first foray into the adult market. It is the first volume of an epic fantasy trilogy.   

For a lot more details visit Pamela’s Website.

The booklaunch is 6.30pm on Wednesday 12th September at the Ashfield Library. All Welcome.

Blood Ties Cover

The book has been not-quite-dominating-but-nevertheless-significantly-influencing our lives for the past four years. It formed the basis of Pamela’s DCA which took three years and for the last year there has been publishers and editors and all sorts of angst. But now it is out. RRP $24.95. Go and buy one.

Current angst involves overseas publication or the possibility thereof. At the moment it is only being published in Australia and New Zealand. While we have the highest per capita reading population in the world the actual number of capita is fairly small so it’s very hard to earn a living without selling overseas.

We have been told by the publisher that overseas is likely to be a goer it hasn’t actually been confirmed yet. Watch this space.

In the meantime, go and buy the book. It’s good.

 Blood Ties at Pulp Fiction

This is the window display at wonderful Pulp Fiction books in Brisbane. Thank you Ron and Ian. You can mail-order Blood Ties (and lots of other great titles) from Pulp Fiction –

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