Man Playing Banjo

We have moved to new offices at work (again). The buildings have various icons to help those employees who don’t read so well. The following one might be considered baffling. 

Man Playing Banjo

My thought was that it was a Man Playing a Banjo in the Shower. A colleague however thinks that it looks more like a bazouki being played under a sun lamp. I must concede this is possible.

Pamela suggests that it is actually someone making a speech while reading from notes. This too is possible although she cannot explain why he should be doing so in the rain. Surely the notes would get soggy?

While we are on the topic of signs, I spotted this one on the train.

Emergency Door

Another fine effort by the Department of Unnecessary Redundancies. I suppose technically it is possible for someone to try and use an Emergency Door during a non-emergency but that seems a rather thin excuse to me.

The sign was on the very front of the train inside the driver’s compartment. Normally you don’t get to see in there but the window back to the carriage was transparent rather than blocked as normal. I had fun watching the tracks through a driver’s-eye view.

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