Over the long weekend we went down to Canberra for Conflux. Pamela has started to do more of this sort of thing, spruiking her new book, Blood Ties. It has been a long time since I was at a Con so it took me a while to get back into the swing of it. Having Robert with us also took up time – Pamela and I had to alternate between attending sessions and looking after him.

On Sunday I took him across to Floriade. You can see some photos at Robert’s pages. There was a jumping castle with the following sign.


Brought to you by the Department of Cruel and Unusual Spelling.

[Technically, hight is listed as a rare variant of height which I interpret to mean ‘spelled wrong’. It also means ‘called’ or ‘named’. ‘Maximum named Allowed’ could arguably refer to someone’s nickname but in which case it would be in a rather inappropriate context.]

Odd signs seem to be following me around at the moment. See my previous entry.

Returning to Conflux, I managed to get to one or two sessions. One, on gaming and novels, brought a lot of old gamers out of the woodwork. A lot of people confessed to owning a “white box” set of D&D rules. It was fun to chat about the old gaming days. I must be getting old.


The Daleks were out in force (click on pic to enlarge).


Ever wondered what Boba Fett and the Storm Troopers (now there was a band) look like without their helmets? Now you know.

It wasn’t a bad Con. Not large but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Panels seem to be pretty much what they were at Cons twenty-five years ago but I guess continuity isn’t a bad thing either.

I dare say I’ll be going to more Cons over the next couple of years.

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