Where did I put that trowel?

My earlier prediction about having to spend more time a science fiction conventions is already happening. Pamela had been asked to appear at Freecon – a small Sydney get-together of fans. There were about thirty people all up with quite a few rainy-day cancellations.

One of the panels was on Archaeology as portrayed in film and television. At the last minute their archaeologist dropped out and I was recruited. I hadn’t been planning to go but what the hell. So, putting on my archaeologist’s hat (literally) I went along.

at freecon 07

Stephen Hart and the Picachu of Doom

There is a man holding a picachu over my head at this point. I can’t remember why.

Anyway, I spun a few yarns, some of which were outright lies but which people seemed to believe anyway. We didn’t get to talk about film or tv a lot but people were interested in the archaeology itself.

It feels odd to be appearing on panels after a hiatus of about twenty years. Must be some sort of mid-life crisis.

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