Thank You Linesmen

First off, let me congratulate the Australian people for finally taking my advice and Voting the Little Bastard Out. See, I was right all along.

I stayed up to watch the whole election coverage. The only problem with that was by the time it finished I was too tired to dance in the streets. A colleague at work has told me that, in Darlinghurst where he lives, there was much rejoicing including dancing in the street, drinking and general feelings of merriment.

While Kevin07 is still an unknown quantity I am confident he cannot possibly be worse than the man he replaces. He is not, after all, superhuman. It is his task to drag Australia back into the 21st century where it ought to be and out of the slough of the 1950’s.

I would like to thank the following people for making it all possible:

  1. John Winston Howard for his hubris in attempting to stay on too long
  2. All the spineless jellybacks in his cabinet for letting him do it
  3. Peter Costello for managing to be considered a worse alternative than John Winston
  4. Maxine McKew for providing the unexpected entertainment of ousting the Prime Minister from his own seat of Bennelong
  5. Peter Costello again for taking his bat and ball and going home leaving the party with the unenviable alternatives of Abbot, Nelson and Turnbull for the new leader (my money on Malcolm Turnbull)
  6. Glenn Stevens and those wonderful people at the Reserve Bank for raising interest rates in the middle of the election campaign
  7. And last but by no means least all those Aussie Battlers who finally realised that the Liberal party was not on their side. Without you, none of this would have been possible

Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys

[Exits singing]

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