Return of the Flying Garbage Bins

A couple of weeks ago our wheelie bin disappeared. It lives in the back lane near the garbage bins for a block of flats so we wondered if it was in the flats somewhere. But it wasn’t.

Puzzled, but resourceful, we rang the Council and told them of our plight. The good people sent a new bin a couple of days later. Pretty good service for a council.

Two days later, our bin disappears again. I search extensively, including the vacant building block up the end of the lane but no bin. It has apparently fallen through a gap in the space-time continuum just like its predecessor.

The question now is, do we ring the council? To lose one garbage bin might be considered carelessness but two? We dithered for a while, sneaking our garbage into the flats’ ones instead. There’s one woman who gets most unpleasant if she sees us doing this. It’s probably just as well she didn’t spot me this time because I wasn’t in a good mood and we might have been obliged to have words.

It turned out that we were right to dither. The house next door is rented and the back of their garden is a bit of a jungle. Said neighbour came round and told us that she had found two wheelie bins lurking there. Either they flew in or we have a feral bin-tosser on the loose.

Anyway, we now have two wheelie bins. We are keeping one down the side of the house at the front and one in the alley at the back. We’re fairly confident that the phantom tosser won’t get both of them.

I still don’t understand why, having tossed a bin over a fence, you would come back the following week and do it again. At least if it happens a third time we’ll know where to look.

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