That was the year that was

Well, 2007 was quite a year with ups and downs well outside the normal standard deviations.

The year started well with a holiday on the central coast at Happy Halliday’s which had plenty to keep Robert occupied and thus gave Pamela and I a bit of a rest. While we were there the spectacular Comet McNaught was in the sky.

Robert started school and his baby teeth started to fall out.

In March I turned fifty but with the help of friends managed to survive the trauma.

In June, Pamela got her doctorate and we put up her website.

Then in July, we all went down with the ‘flu – a particularly nasty one. Not content with this, I upstaged everyone with pneumonia. This put me in hospital for 11 days and left me feeling very weak. A week in Cairns, organised by my wonderful wife, helped with convalescence and eventually I made it back to work.

Things got much better in September with the publications of Pamela’s first adult novel Blood Ties and associated book launch. We built a second website to support her adult books. We have started going to SF Conventions again including Conflux in Canberra.

Robert started playing cricket and continues to do well at gym. He survived kindergarten and starts year 1 in February.

Oh yes, and I finally replaced my 20th century mobile with a new 21st century model. Most of the features I don’t use but the camera is useful for taking snaps where you don’t have a proper camera with you.

Next year is a little imponderable. Pamela has sold the US and UK rights for her trilogy and the first volume will be coming out in those countries in May. This is excellent but ultimately it all depends on sales. The volume of sales is likely to affect our lives considerably.

In terms of my own writing my interminable project for a novel is nearly at the end of the umpteenth draft and should be feasible to show to people. I had planned to have this done by the end of 2007 but circumstances intervened. 2008 for sure. Really.

Robert will probably continue in much the same manner, going to school, doing sport, learning the piano and generally growing up. We are planning a trip to England in May – the October 2007 trip which got nobbled by my being sick (it took a good three months to recover properly from the pneumonia). We will visit some SF conventions.

Watch this space.

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