Words to Live By

The Department for Increasing Productivity via Coloured Cardboard has been at it again at my place of employment. Posters have been appearing all over the place exhorting us to I’m not quite sure what.

There are five and they read as follows:

CHALLENGER SPIRIT – Be the enemy of the average

Unexceptional, I guess, albeit a bit clumsy. I think we’d do better being the enemy of the incompetent – there seem to be more of them – but hey I’ll fight the average if they pay me.

PERSONAL EXCELLENCE – Play to win not just to play

It’s not a game we’re playing here son…

CUSTOMER FOCUS – Continually lifting the bar on customer experience

I’m not sure this came out quite the way they intended. Certainly we do sometimes make things harder for our customers but it’s not usually intentional.

TEAM WORK – Cabinet solidarity and team before individuals

I think they nicked this one from the Labor Party manifesto. Cabinet solidarity? I didn’t even know we had a cabinet.

INTEGRITY – Live by your word with a strong heart and clear mind

Honest, I’m not joking. This one is really there. Possibly stolen from Baden-Powell or was it Biggles?

It’s amazing. I can feel my morale soaring already. Productivity gains I’m sure are just around the corner.

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