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Sometimes one website just isn’t enough. So I’ve decided to build another one.

Over the past few years I have been writing an urban fantasy novel set in London in the 18th century. I am about to finish it again (this must be about the fifth time) and I have hopes that it may actually be publishable sometime within the next year.

Anyway, since all successful authors have a website I thought I would try and short-circuit the process by building the website first. Build it and when they come it will be ready. Or something.

I’ve had to do a fair bit of research on the 18th century so I’ve put some of this up on the site in case anyone else is interested in the nuts and bolts stuff – the price of a new hat, the cost of a pub lunch, how to speak thieves’ cant and tell a bung-nipper from an autem-diver. Stuff like that.

It is named after the hero of the book(s) – Pascal Bonenfant – Let me know what you think.

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