Natural History Museum

T. Rex

Pamela has some copy editing to do on her latest book and it has to be finished by Wednesday so Robert and I went out to give her some quiet time. I wanted to see some dinosaurs so we went to the Natural History Museum.

Today was Bank Holiday in England. If I had realised this we would have gone another day. The dinosaur hall was absolutely packed and all you could do was inch your way around. It wasn’t very pleasant.

The animatronic Tyrannosaurus was fun but again there were huge numbers of people and the museum staff kept moving you along so you couldn’t really stand and watch.

We found an activity room which Robert was keen to see. He has a very much hands on appreciation of museums. It wasn’t bad – certainly not crowded – but the one in Sydney is just as good. There were things to handle and microscopes to look through but there wasn’t a lot else.

We stayed for a while then came home. Both of us are suffering from colds – Robert’s is on the way out, mine is on the way in. Quiet afternoon. Pamela took Robert to the park later where I gather he got involved in an impromtu game of soccer.

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