Feeling icky

Tuesday was a total write-off for me as I came down with the heavy cold that Robert has been suffering from. I spent most of the day either sleeping or wandering around in a daze. Robert wasn’t much better.

Wednesday was an improvement. Mostly we pottered around the flat and Pamela took Robert out to the park at Coram’s Fields. In the afternoon Pamela delivered her manuscript to Orbit and I took Robert to the park again.

That was about it really apart from me doing some updates on the website. Feeling better today so I am planning to visit the Victoria and Albert. We will take Robert with us but I suspect he will prefer to be at the Science Museum again.

Pamela has to meet another set of publishers this afternoon. That should be all the actual work she has to do until she has a publishers lunch at the end of next week. Robert and I may well have another easy afternoon.

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