It’s all been happening here

It’s been over a week since I last blogged and we have been very busy. You can pick up a lot of the details via Robert’s pages.

The flat threw another little surprise at us a few days ago. The hot water heater in the bathroom started making noises like it was going to explode. Hurriedly I flicked the switch on the front that said On-Off into the Off position. This had absolutely no effect. I traced the power cable back to some inaccessible point behind the unit but couldn’t find any actual power switch.

We closed the bathroom door on the principle of containing the boiler explosion if it happened and thought harder. We couldn’t find the powerboard for the flat so, in some desperation, I went down to the ground floor and turned off the entire power to the flat. This worked but had some undesirable side effects such as everything else being useless.

Fortunately Pamela immediately discovered the instructions covering just this eventuality and I was able to turn the power straight back on. A quick check of all devices indicated no damage except for having to reset the clocks.

Anyway, there were detailed instructions on what to do if the boiler making odd noises which seemed to cover the situation. The power board for the flat, we were interested to read, was behind a secret panel in the downstairs toilet. Yep, fell for the old secret-panel-in-the-downstairs-toilet trick.

Armed with the instructions we were able to first disable the by now very distressed heater by cutting its power supply. We then, as per instructions, adjusted the pressure and turned it back on. Voilà! Aside from this the flat has been remarkably incident-free.

We have been kept pretty busy visiting. Besides sundry museums we paid a visit to Legoland which was a huge success. We went to visit my sister Jane in East Anglia and had a good time. Check the menu on the front page for links.

Yesterday both Robert and I were pretty tired and I had a bad cough. I went to see a doctor but she said there was no sign of anything but a cold. When I described the unfortunate series of events leading to my being in hospital last year she decided some pre-emptive antibiotics would be a good idea. I think this is a good idea too.

Robert and I spent the day quietly at home while Pamela went into town. Her expedition included a visit to the Globe theatre where she saw a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. I would have liked to have gone but I needed the rest and Robert would probably have been bored silly.

Robert has discovered the ‘Challenge’ channel on Sky. He is now a complete devotee of Gladiators and the Ninja Warrior programme from Japan where would-be ‘Ninjas’ compete on ludicrous and difficult obstacle courses. We now have to devise Ninja Challenges for him which isn’t easy in a flat this size.

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