Woman with Badger on Head

We have just lobbed into Southern California after several days at a SF Convention in Madison, Wisconsin. Upon leaving New York I predicted Madison would be a bit different to that city. Well, I called that right.

Madison is a beautiful town located between two lakes. It is a university town with that special kind of energy that university towns always have. It is also the state capital and doesn’t seem to be short of a quid. The people are warm and friendly and seem to have enough time that they can spend some talking to you.

In short, I really liked the place. Locals tell me that it freezes solid in winter but in late May is was very pleasant. If it wasn’t for the winters I could live there. I understand why the people of Madison are proud of their town and are more than happy to tell you why.

The title of this post relates to the statue atop the capitol building. The capitol is exactly what a capitol should be – a big dome in the middle and faced with marble. The statue on top is of a woman and we are reliably informed that she has a badger on her head. The badger is apparently Wisonsin’s totem animal.

The SF Convention (Wiscon) was much like a lot of others except that it was far better run than most. It has been held annually at the same hotel for the last thirty or so years so the kinks have been pretty much ironed out. During the day they have activities for kids so Robert was kept occupied for several hours without effort on our part.

I’d like to see something a bit different being done at Cons. The whole panel discussion thing seems to be exactly the same as when I was at uni which is some time ago now. Given the startling advances in science of the last twenty years it would be nice to have a Science strand where experts could provide some hard data. Just what is the state of the art in, say, AI and how far away is HAL?

The Con was hit by a nasty gastro bug which bit Pamela. Because she was there in a professional capacity she struggled through it personfully but it can’t have been fun. I say this because it followed us to California and has laid me low today. Pamela and Robert have been doing Disneyland while I have spent most of the day lying on the bed. We have another day here so hopefully I can catch Uncle Walt’s vision tomorrow.

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