Home once more

Well that was quite a trip. After a world circumnavigation taking four weeks we are home once more.

The return trip was without incident – we slept for about eight or nine hours on the plane from Los Angeles – except for the fact we couldn’t find my house keys when we arrived. After a long, frustrating search through the luggage in the rain we found them in what used to be a carry-on bag which had subsequently been packed into one of the suitcases. Apart from this minor hiccup all was well – the house was unburgled, the roof had not leaked and no rampaging herds of elephants had trashed the garden (although the weeds hadn’t done a bad job in that regard).

For Pamela, the trip was successful from a business point of view. She met her publishers in London and New York and had, I gather, fruitful discussions with them including ideas for future volumes. At the Wiscon convention she began the task of creating an international fan base but it will take a lot of time and effort to build it up. She will be returning to the US in August to attend the worldcon in Denver and continue the good work.

I didn’t achieve as much as I intended on my 18th century research in London, mainly due to poor health, but it wasn’t a total waste. If nothing else I picked up a couple of good research volumes and walked down a few 18th century streets. Sometime we’ll have to do another trip.

Robert seemed to have a pretty good time. He got a bit tired of London museums although he had a good time playing in the Science Museum. Legoland in Windsor was a great hit and I have to say I enjoyed it as well. At Wiscon there were scheduled activities for kids. He is a social animal and enjoyed that. And Disneyland, of course, was great although he was a bit tired and ratty by the end of the long days. I don’t think he would have wanted to miss the Buzz Lightyear ride which he did nine times. He also coped remarkably well with the long flights which bodes well for future trips.

Back at work now. It’s funny how it seems like you have never been away. At least this time my pot plants got watered.

For a complete list of trip reports see the May 2008 menu items at http://stephen-hart.net/

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