Temporary Single Dad

Pamela is currently at Denvention, the World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, being held in Denver. Now that she is writing for adults she needs to get on the convention circuit and spruik her work. On our recent world trip (see the May 2008 menu on the website front page) we stopped in at Wiscon in Madison, Wisconsin for precisely this purpose.

However, there has been one unfortunate side-effect of this – Robert and I have been left by ourselves for a week. This is the first time this has happened to us and we have had to adjust.

Robert was a bit dubious about the concept to start with but he came round. Life has continued pretty much as normal for him. He has been doing school and all his usual activities and he had a sleep-over at a friend’s place last night as a result of which he got a reasonable amount of sleep and I didn’t because I was watching the Olympics until one in the morning.

I have been adjusting to single Dadhood (fortunately only temporary – how do single parents cope?). I have cheated a bit because I have taken four days annual leave so that I don’t have to juggle school and work. This is easier for both Robert and me as he doesn’t have to go into after school care and I don’t have to rush around like a headless chicken.

Pamela is considering going to England next year for Eastercon. This may not happen as it is being held in Bradford and, unless you are interested in the history of Dark Satanic Mills (brother of the more famous John), there’s not much to attract. It depends a bit on what her British publishers advise I expect. Had it been in Stratford-on-Avon in the middle of the Shakespeare season things might be different…

Pamela is back early on Tuesday morning. Robert and I are both pretty keen on this idea. She will undoubtedly be totally exhausted but we will be a complete family again. I don’t think this single parenting is a good idea at all.

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