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Cirque du Soleil
Back in October 2006 we went to the Cirque du Soleil courtesy of some of Pamela’s relatives. We enjoyed it so much we decided to go again when it returned to Australia with Dralion.

Our seats this time were not right next to the stage which was actually a good thing because we didn’t have to look up all the time. We were partially obscured by a light tower but there were unoccupied seats right at the back which were not so we appropriated them.

Cirque du Soleil is a wonderful circus. It has no animal acts – it is all about human skills. These are pretty extraordinary. The highlight for me was the hoop jumpers with a whole troop jumping singly and seriatim through a tower of vertical hoops. There was a pretty impressive trampolining act as well although having seen more gymnastics via Robert I was probably less impressed than I would have been two years ago.

In fact the whole thing was slightly down on last time. The trampolining did not match up to the equivalent act with swings last time. The clowns were ok but I didn’t get the side-splitting laughs that I got from one of the acts last time. The set wasn’t quite as spectacular either.

Having said that, we still had a great time. Robert got slightly bored in the first half where a lot of the acts were impressive but more a matter of slow control than spectacle. He picked up in the second half where there was more movement.

Will we go again next time? Absolutely!

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