That Kind of September

I’m not quite sure how it happened but I seem to have gone through the entire month of September without updating the site. So I’m going to pretend that today is yesterday. If that doesn’t work I’ll go in and hack the database for this entry so that it really does say September. Time is not my master.

It’s not like things haven’t been happening. At the very end of August, Robert took part in the State Men’s Gymnastics representing his Five Dock gym for Level 1. Pamela bought a spiffy digital SLR while she was overseas so we got some good photos – I just haven’t got around to editing them down to website size.

The same thing for the soccer end-of-season. A good camera makes such a difference when photographing sports. Apart from the zoom, control over depth of field and stuff like that it also has a fast response time. A major problem with cheaper digital cameras is the delay between pressing the button and the picture actually taking. Using one of these for sports photography means you have to sort of guess where the person will be by the time your camera reacts. Not easy.

The last couple of weeks have been quiet – just getting on with life. School holidays started this week which is good for me because the trains are slightly less crowded but bad for Pamela because it is harder for her to do any writing. And she has an end-of-October deadline so it’s going to be a busy month for her.

I’ve seen a few friends. Played some boardgames (the new game Agricola is a good one if you are into that sort of thing). Met my friend Jonathan who has been overseas for about ten years but was in Sydney briefly snooping out the possibility of a job here. Come back – we miss you.

Other than that it’s situation normal. Anyway, I’ll do better in October. Promise.

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