That was the year that was

Well, here we are in 2009 so I guess we survived another year. 2008 started much like any other year – I wrote a post just like this one. Probably I watched some cricket.

Speaking of which, the current South African tourists have been putting the feline among the avians of Australian cricket. Australia, in the manner beloved of our British ancestors, has twice snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. At the WACA they allowed the South Africans to chase down a total of 414 and at the MCG they allowed them, in the first innings, to recover from being 210 runs behind with 7 wickets down to a lead of 66.

There has been much finger-pointing, particularly at the selectors who insist on playing out-of-form and injured senior players. They might as well have let Andrew Symonds go fishing for all the difference he made. I’ve never been convinced that Ponting has been a great captain (let’s face it – I could have won with McGrath, Warne and Gilchrist on my team) but I’m not sure he deserves the amount of mud being flung at him.

But I digress. The first few months of the year drifted along. Robert went into the first grade at school, played a bit of cricket, did some ice-skating and so forth. Pamela and I went to see a bizarre production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (see The Bard from Bengal) which was performed in about 12 languages, only one of which was English. I created yet another website ( to support my 18th century research and my still-to-be-published novel (of which more later).

In point of fact, I started two new websites but the other one is in a secret identity so I can’t tell you about it. Basically, I’ve started a book review site but didn’t want to do it in my own name so I’ve created a pseudonym. This is partly so that I can give glowing reviews to Pamela’s books (ahem) but also because I was interested in creating a fake identity online. I even opened a Facebook page for said identity but the problem with that is that Facebook is rather boring – particularly if you don’t actually exist. I may reveal this identity sometime over the next year but then again I may not. That’s the good thing about secrets.

In May life got really hectic as we went for a four-week trip overseas. My sister and brother-in-law very kindly lent us their London flat in which we spent a couple of weeks. Pamela visited her British publishers and we visited family and did touristy things. Then on to New York and Madison, Wisconsin for a Science Fiction convention (Wiscon). Then Disneyland (which was interesting but slightly disappointing – just another theme park really even if it was the first) and then, finally, Sydney and home. My health was indifferent (I spent at least part of the trip on antibiotics) and it left me exhausted but it was worth doing.

Things got a fair bit quieter after that. We took Robert to a gymnastics competition in Newcastle which was a qualifier for the NSW State championships. Robert’s team all qualified and they went on to do well in the State competitions in August (no individual medals but they came second overall in their age group).

Also in August, Pamela went across the WorldCon in Denver (see temporary single dad). It is the sort of thing she needs to do to promote herself as an author but apparently it was hard yakka and she probably won’t go to the 2009 version. The fact that it is being held in the industrial town of Bradford in the north of England may also have something to do with that decision.

Oh yes, my writing project. It turns out it wasn’t really as ready as I thought and needed drastic surgery. After due consultation with my resident expert I chopped out about 25,000 words and started re-writing again. Once again, it is nearing completion. It is, I am obliged to confess, a much better book as a result. This year for sure (maybe).

Pamela’s writing is going much better. She is re-drafting the third book of the trilogy (Full Circle) based on her publishers comments. This goes back to them in February and will be appearing in the shops about August/September. She has a contract for another book set about 20 years later in the same universe. She has sold the fantasy stuff to Germany, France and Spain. She has a new children’s book (Victor’s Challenge) coming out which is also being published in the UK and possibly the USA (negotiations continuing). One way or another, that is all going well.

So what’s happening in 2009? A lot of it will be more of the same – we aren’t planning any major events. Robert goes into second grade. He will continue with cricket, soccer and gymnastics as he enjoys all of them and it keeps him very fit. Pamela will continue to write and publish. I will re-write my book again. I will continue to go to work. Anything more will be reported as it happens.

Happy New Year!

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