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Earlier this month, Pamela and Robert took a trip out to see Lake Eyre which has recently had one of its occasional (every ten years) fill of water. Pamela figured it was worth going to see and she even managed to convince her publisher to do a book on it, thus paying for the trip via the advance and the tax deductions. Unfortunately, I had to work so I had the house to myself for about ten days.

It’s the first time since we were married that this event has occurred. One of us has always been at home with Robert or else the whole family has been travelling. But now he is getting older so this becomes less important. Anyway, it was an odd experience.

They flew out on the Saturday morning so I had the weekend to myself although I had to go up to Gosford twice to see my father. Saturday night was good – it felt almost luxurious to have the place to myself. However, we had arranged to get painters in during the week because Pamela gets very sick from fresh paint so it made sense to do it while she was away. Sunday therefore was spent packing stuff away and moving furniture away from the walls (and driving to Gosford and back).

The painters arrived at 7:00am on the Monday and it was at this point everything went downhill. There is something very intrusive about having strangers trample all over your house. Add to this no curtains on the windows (because of the painting) and the consequent being on display to the world and it all starts to feel a bit uncomfortable. Fortunately, we have an attic room so I made a little bed from an old matress and camped up there. It provided a bit of personal space and made a big difference.

Pamela and Robert are back now and they had a wonderful time. We’ll post some photos in due course. It is great to have them back.

Next time this happens, there will be no painters…

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