Natural History Museum

January 2008

Our family has a ritual on New Year's Day. Every year we visit the Natural History Museum here in Sydney. It is by far and away the best day to visit - especially in the morning when everyone else is still hung over. The place is almost empty.

One of my favourite spots is the bone room. The above is referred to as "The Bone Ranger". There is a nifty display where you can ride on a sort of exercise bike and a skeleton in a cabinet echoes your movements. Then there are the bones of sundry animals, reptiles, birds and fish which are also fascinating.

This is the archaeopteryx - the earliest known bird. Must be the one that caught the worm. Technically it might not actually be a bird but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

We also discovered the activities room where you actually get to play with things. They had a great set of (reproduction) hominid skulls. It was fun comparing Australopithicus with Floriensis and with modern apes. Then you got to play with fossils, turtle shells, bones all sorts of cool stuff. I had a great time. I think Robert enjoyed himself too.

They are re-building the dinosaur display (which was only so-so before). The way in is currently blocked by a pair of veloceraptors. Should be open in a few months. I can't wait.


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