The Office

March 2007

The place where I work has some pretty spectacular views. Here you can see the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Luna Park and a nice stretch of water.

Of course, this view is from the 34th floor. I work on the 17th floor. The photo on the left is taken sitting my desk. The one on the right shows what I see if I walk up to the window.

On a clear day, you can see the Blue Mountains in the distance.

Actually, we do OK. The people on the other three sides of the building look directly at office blocks.

This is my cube. It is an economy-class workstation and a little cramped on long flights but better than having no cube at all. A little bit of personal space is a good thing.

Later in the year we are all moving to offices without views and in a less convenient part of Sydney. I thought I'd record the current setup while I still have it.


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