a plague on both your spouses

Thunk on or about 8th July 2004

Cough! Splutter!

Sydney has had a particularly pernicious little virus going around recently. It has all the usual cold symptoms (runny nose, cough, misery) but it has the added nastiness that, just when you think you have recovered, it comes back again, this time worse than the first.

It has been doing the rounds in our household with Pamela, Robert and I all succumbing both together and seriatim. This the first time since Robert was born that this has happened in major way. Pamela and I have been discovering the joys of looking after a child when you are both sick. At any given moment, you have to work out who is less sick and that person gets the job.

This is by way of being an apology to our reader for not updating the site for a while. Normal service is now resuming.

In brief:


Some time ago, Pamela wrote a book about the childhood of Mary McKillop. She had trouble getting the voice right and it never completely worked. She has come up with a new approach and has a publisher keen to take it on, based on the first chapter and a detailed outline. Woo-ooo! As a result of this and other writing commitments, she has been obliged to put her DCA on hold for six months.


The boy is doing well. During the plague month he got a bit irritable and threw the occasional tantrum. But since then he seems to have the tantrums under control. He will be three next month - soon we'll be looking at pre-school.


My company seems to be trying to turn me into a Support person. I am resisting. This is a job I have done before and have no desire to do again. It looks like I will have to do it for a while but I have been setting up mechanisms to hand it over to someone else in a few weeks. If this doesn't work, I may have to look around for a new job...

New Website

For those of you who know Scott Westerfeld, he now has his own website. Actually, the website is there whether you know him or not. Scott is a writer of SF and other SpecFic. If you haven't read his work, give it a go. "Fine Prey" is a good place to start.


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