the big five-o

Thunk on or about 16th November 2005

Well, it had to happen some time. My friends are starting to turn 50*. While it isn't due to happen to me for another 18 months or so, it's looking awfully close.

Too Old to Rock and Roll

The proximate cause of this thinks is that I went to David Roberts' 50th last weekend. David is not a bad rock guitarist. He and I used to play in a garage band with Jonathan and Andrew until we got kicked out of the garage. Then we hired a practice studio once a fortnight. What with one thing and another (including Jonathan's move to California) we haven't done this for a while.

The party was a sedate affair although quite pleasant. Both David and I have a kid - Owen is about two years older than Robert - and there is no doubt this slows you down. Even so, I can't help feeling we should haved raged a little more.

Too Young to Die

Or so we hope. I have been fortunate in my friends so far. About 20 years ago I lost one through a car crash but none have yet died of disease or decripitude. Long may it continue.

I realised at a gaming day a few weeks ago that I have been playing games with Andrew and Alan for about 30 years, on and off. I had a vision of us all sitting around in a retirement village celebrating our 50th anniversary with yet another game. Not such a grim image I suppose but it still feels a bit alien.

Too Old to Die Young

Billy Connolly will be touring Australia next year with his "Too Old To Die Young" tour. Pamela has expressed a keen interest so it may appear in a future Events. There's a man who has managed to grow older without losing too much.

Billy must become my role model.

Not Too Old to Party

I plan to throw a party for my 50th - not necessarily large but hopefully noisy and overindulgent. March 2007. Put it in your diaries now. No excuses for absence will be accepted. If you die, make sure you send a few ashes in a jar. We'll make sure you get scattered somewhere inappropriate. Bring your kids. If they don't already know how to behave disgracefully, it's time they learnt.

See you there.

* Actually, Jack made the transition some years ago. But he always was a pioneer - he did the same thing at 30 and 40.

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