Hanging on the Wall

October 2007

I am still settling into the new office and some parts are decidely unsettling. Since I have just acquired a new mobile with a built-in camera I thought I'd try it out and share the unsettling stuff with you, thereby exterminating a pair of avians with one chunk of basalt.

For instance, we have this wall on the new campus upon which human pattern recognition ability soon picks up a word.

As you draw closer you notice the pattern is made up of lots of little people, all hanging by their wrists. I have a little man too but he is in my desk drawer as I missed the 'wall' ceremony. This is just as well. There is something rather sinister about this wall.

Some people went so far as to paint their figurine. This, to me, gives a positive flavour of voodoo. There's no way my figurine is going up on that wall.

On a lighter, if more cryptic, note there are several walls with designs like this on them. Our greatest cryptographers have yet to crack the code but they are hard at work. Possibly at the expense of other projects.


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