Sudoku Board

There is something about Sudoku I find fascinating which is odd since I don't particularly enjoy playing it. I previously did a bit of AI work on it. This time I've created a board to make it easier to play.

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The basic idea is to make a block of nine numbers for each number to be solved. Wrong numbers can be eliminated by clicking on the number within the block. This makes the whole thing a lot clearer than scribbling on bits of newspaper.

I've added a couple of bits of sugar. The board automatically eliminates numbers in the same Row/Column/Block as numbers that have been solved since this is boring to have to do yourself.

I optionally allow the automatic solving of single number possibilities. That is, if you have only one number left it must be the correct one. This works recursively so if solving a single number creates another single number then it will solve that one too. Be aware that on very simple problems this can end up solving the whole thing! Try Easy example number 2 to see this.

That's about it really. I've added an input board so you can copy the problem from your newspaper/book/wherever onto the solve board. 'Clear input' if necessary to clear this board, add your numbers then click 'Populate Board' to transfer it to the main board. If you stuff up your solution just click 'Populate Board' again to re-start. Oh yes, the 'Undo' button is only a single level of undo.

Left-click on a small number to select/solve it immediately. On most browsers you can right-click on small numbers to eliminate them one by one. Right-clicking again toggles the number back. When all but one number remains that number will translate into the solved (larger) number. It works on Firefox and Internet Explorer but I don't guarantee anything else. You can use the left mouse button to create the puzzle as well just by 'solving' the correct squares initially.

Here it is

Feel free to play with it, take it, modify it or whatever. Code is embedded in the html file.


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