Views from the Train

September 2007

On the train the other day I noticed that the little window looking into the driver's compartment had transparent glass instead of the usual translucent or plain blocked. This gave the unusual (to me) view out of the front of the train. Fortuitously I had my camera with me - unusual but I was planning to take some photos at our New Office.

The driver at work. This was one of the older trains - the modern ones are much more luxurious but don't have a little window to take photos through.

Bridge and points near Redfern.

Tunnel near Town Hall. Going through the tunnels was the best bit. You can sort of get the idea of what the above-ground bits are like just by looking out the window but tunnels are just black. I had assumed the track would be straight line but in fact it curves around and goes up and down for reasons that are obscure to me. It was kind of cool to watch.


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