This page contains a miscellany of stuff both old and new which may still be of interest.

General Interest

2012-11-01: jo anderton book launch
2011-03-22: weasels may soar
2010-10-22: roughtly the same size as ben hur
2010-06-24: origami dinosaur
2010-05-18: sculptures for the workers
2009-11-30: big banana (b-notation)
2009-10-27: red sky photos
2009-05-07: new zealand road sign
2009-02-28: epping to chatswood railway line
2008-11-15: freecon 2008
2008-08-24: rookwood
2008-07-30: morale-building 101
2008-05-15: legoland
2008-05-08: coram's fields
2008-05-01: emergency! emergency!
2008-04-05: sauron the musical
2008-01-10: visit to the natural history museum
2007-10-15: hanging on the wall
2007-09-26: views from the train
2007-09-26: the new office (again)
2007-04-18: the new office
2007-03-27: the office
2007-03-27: train ticket origami
2004-03-09: steeleye span concert
2004-03-06: fall of the palm trees


A small selection of quotations from people otherwise mostly dead.

Stephen's Thinks

These little essays pre-date the introduction of Stephen's blog. All subsequent thoughts may be found in said blog.

2006-01-20: that was the year that was
2005-11-16: the big five-o
2005-08-17: the software development life cycle
2005-02-17: hr in wonderland
2005-02-09: valentine who?
2005-02-01: pining for the fjords
2005-01-03: that was the year that was
2004-12-22: spirits of christmas
2004-11-02: and then a step to the right
2004-07-08: a plague on both your spouses
2004-05-07: all in favour
2004-02-13: perl before swine
2003-12-31: that was the year that was
2003-11-14: anything you want
2003-10-17: oh blessed release
2003-10-01: up the slippery slope
2003-09-17: is there an editor in the house?
2003-09-03: the future aint what it used to be


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